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About Me

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After journeying through over 20 years of Software Development and Delivery, I have learned a lot. I have worked with large multinationals extending complex critical systems down to startups developing software version #1 and growing it under tight budgets.
I have worked in F1 Racing, Laser Eye Surgery, Railway Automation and on-demand automated transport dispatch. I have worked in a development team, as a project lead and as a solo contractor. I have faced clients, customers and deadlines. I have also celebrated successes and learnt from failures.
I have leveraged my experience to ensure that software is conceived, designed and delivered appropriately from the outset, whether you build it with cloud, CICD or DevOps, or manage it with agile, lean or scrum.

What I have learnt

After all this I know that:

  • A productive software team uses the best people and the best tools
  • Rapid delivery of priority features through agile methods will increase product quality and customer engagement and satisfaction the fastest
  • Selecting and delivering your highest value features requires horizontal and vertical collaboration, and is key to business growth
  • Testing from the start will increase your reliability, collaboration will increase your quality, automation will reduce your costs
  • Next month's features depend on testability now; next year's features depend on extensibility and maintainability

Career Goals

I enjoy building talented and productive teams that build valuable, real-world systems. I enjoy developing the team members and their environment along the way to get the best performance. I believe in collaboration and leading by example with strong technical knowledge. My ideal role is one of technical leadership providing both team management and technical guidance, enabling staff to deliver key projects linked to the success of the business.

Career History

Principal Consultant / Country Lead for Mechanical Rock Malaysia

Mechanical Rock

Principal Consultant
Country Lead (Malaysia)

  • Assisted with infrastructure evaluation and implementation of cross-regional enrypted data migration of >3TB data
  • Development lead for implementation of supplier-onboarding system at INX Software. Delivered fully greenfield MVP using BDD and 100% serverless technology in 3 months
  • Led agile-style business development experiment in new market in Kuala Lumpur.


Senior Developer and Architect

  • Worked closely with Founders and Operations team to delivery valuable features
  • Supported product through 8-fold increase in usage
  • Delivered web front-end re-vamp, architecture shift to push-based and design and deployment of new Android app
  • Django, Python, REST, Heroku, Firebase, Google Maps and many 3rd party integrations

Click Engineering Services


  • Business development to engage clients for Software Engineering consulting
  • Planning and delivery of client projects
  • Python, Django and AWS consulting
  • Client: Entecho. Engineering management consulting on Electric Flying Vehicle
  • Client: Entecho. Engineering consulting on integration of OTS Flight Control System onto custom drone prototype.


Ansaldo STS
Immersive Technologies
McLaren Racing

  • Project Engineer and Development Lead for distributed railway systems
  • Developer and Architect for 3D Heavy Equipment Training Simulators
  • Software Engineering for Laser Eye Surgery Device
  • Software Development and Support for McLaren F1 Team

Projects, Certifications & Achievements


  • Web Application: Fantasy F1 Sports League developed in Django and Python.
  • Web Application: Curated list of children's events developerd in Django and Python.

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